Monday, June 22, 2009

my "living" room

I don't know about any of you, but I've always had this one dream about my house. To some (like BDO) it may seem a little
silly, but one day I'd like my living room to be clean. Is that too much to ask? I totally get that toys will be out and messes need to be made (and yes, more often than not, they do get cleaned up) but all I'm asking for is a small space where I could sit and chat with a friend or read a book and not have to see living room doubling as a garage!!!

And then I am reminded about a story I once heard. (I will now attempt to paraphrase). A family had a small plot of land just outside the town they lived. His sons were in charge of milking the cows in the summer and the upkeep of the field. Their neighbour farmer came to the dad one day and told him all that was wrong with his farm- the fence wasn't fixed right, the grass a little long, etc. The dad replied
"It's a good thing I'm not raising cows. I'm raising boys"
So Bruce, even though I'd rather that you found a different spot to do your teaching, thank you for raising boys!
We do all kinds of "living" in our room!
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

just me and my ipod

Saturday morning's 8 miler was a beaut! A little breeze, sunshine and open road. The idea of socializing with the girls is my main motivating factor in rolling out of bed on run days. But today, the other 2 girls wanted a challenge.


Didn't someone famous once say "Showing up is half the battle"? That is my philosophy, anyway.

I was not feeling so adventuresome and thought I'd stick to road running while they chose to run in the coulees. (I would be so happy if just one person who reads this blog does not know what a coulee is and has to google it. However, I know my following is small, and most of you are from here! I just think it is a great word.)

Luckily,I brought my music because I kind of figured today I would be a loner. Or aloner, as it were.

We've got a wide variety of music on that ipod, but the tempo (is that the correct musical terminology?) of a song by the Killers was working for my speed that day. Whenever I hear that song, I think of this snippet-
Who doesn't love Nike commercials?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

another month's gone by...

holey moley... it's been a while, but good news...The Stewart's are still alive.
Unlike our American counterparts we are STILL in school until the 26th. So we're still field trippin', sports day attendin', hot lunch plannin', soccer playin' all get the drift.
I did a run yesterday here in Lethbridge. Ladiesfest is a 5 mile run open - you guessed it- to only women. You get a rose at the finish line...and chocolate! How could I resist. I suppose I could have kept my registration fee and just bought my own Bernard Callebaut, but then I'd just feel guilty. It was good.
Bruce and Owen each did a triathlon in Vulcan last week. For those Trekkies out there...actually I don't think anyone that reads this blog is a huge fan, but whatever...Vulcan has totally embraced the whole Spock thing. Google Vulcan Alberta and you can check it out. That said, both the guys did well at the tri, even if the weather was not in co-operation. (PS- I hear the new movie is awesome, it's on my list...any movie aficionados out there that want to comment?) Dean and I continue to believe we are the best support crew/cheerleaders EVER!!
We are really getting into summer mode. This past Wednesday night I let the boys stay up until watch WIPEOUT. It's a family fave. Bonding as we laugh at others' misfortunes and pains. Check it out sometime. I guarantee at least one outloud HAHA moment.
Well, it's late and I just wanted to say hi because... it's been a while, so