Wednesday, February 16, 2011

iWon a what?

This past Saturday I went to our new bank. They were celebrating their 2nd Anniversary. I only went because my brother happens to work there. That, and there was free cake and juice- and it was tasty! There was a draw prize, but you had to be 18 so the boys were a bit put out that they couldn't put their name in.
But our day carried on, and no one thought any more about it.
Then I got a call on Tuesday at work saying I won the grand prize.
Then I had a plan. A right awesome plan. I would hide my prize and give it to Bruce for his birthday. "I am so devious" I thought as my nurse-friend and I schemed how it would all play out.
Fast forward a few hours.
Bruce calls me and says "I heard a rumour that you won something. "
Me: dead silence.
How did this happen? My plans now foiled all I could say was "Are you kidding? How do you know?"
A simple answer really- two of our new banker friends went over to the physio clinic to check it out and spilled the beans!
Happy Early Birthday, Bruce.

Monday, February 14, 2011

what's on your list?

Ever had one of those days were you just wanted to play hooky from life?
You know, put your responsibilities aside, stay in your pjs and just read a book (or watch a movie or whatever...) I forget kids probably have days like that too.
Maybe today was Dean's.
He stayed home this morning due to a stomache ache (those words look funny together).
I don't think he was lying. He had been up in the night. I slept through that. Apparently the mothering - supersonic hearing ability has left my body . Luckily, he has a dad.
He slept a bit, but mostly quietly rested the morning away.
I saw this kid's bucket list. It's full of slightly nostalgic ideas: some character building ones, others just for fun.
Dean can check off #14. Sorta. I was busy doing dishes and laundry and making dinner and phone calls. My bad! Next time we'll coordinate our hooky day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

kindness begins with...who?

Thanks, Heather.
My sweet SIL stopped by on this chilly, snowy morning to bring me a grande white hot chocolate (aka: Happiness in a cup!)
Some days you're the giver...Some days you're the receiver.

Read this or watch this for inspiration on serving others.