Friday, June 22, 2012

the end...or the beginning

Dean's last day of grade 6

Dean's first day of summer vacation

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Saw this cute video and had to repost it. To all the dads out there, happy day! I love my dad and the dad of my kids. 

We celebrated with homemade, choose your own adventure PIZZA. (sorry, no pictures) Bruce knew today would be a busy day for me and kindly suggested that over lasagna or ribs (his 1st and 2nd loves). Gotta love a guy like that! Immediately, I knew that called for theme meal: fruit pizza for dessert. Delish!
A dad and his boys....
 A young friend of ours makes and sells pencil toppers with half of that money being donated to the Alberta Children's Hospital. Bruce is a big softy when it comes to stuff like that (difficult to tell through his thick skinned, manly physique!). Instantly I knew of a one of a kind Father's Day gift. Can you guess what movie he loved?
 Obvious headline of the week:

Monday, June 11, 2012

Life as we know it

 We got to babysit this cute little monkey! He's a dream. His brother and sister were too busy playing to stop for the photo shoot.
 On our drive to school on Friday.
 These 3 helped at Ladiesfest, volunteering at water station #1. In my books, they are #1  :)
 Owen was in the paper on Friday. Then, there was this article about Roxy and her cousins in Saturday's edition. I joked with Rox that another Stewart better step up for Sunday's paper! She smiled.
 The perfect storm of sports! Loved the title of this article. As we are a bit of sport junkies around here, Saturday meant trying to do our work and still catch a few highlights.
 We did take a break to eat. Thank you for nourishing us, Cafe Verde. After two unsuccessful trip- they close at 8pm on some nights. Sometimes,  I haven't even thought "What's for supper" by that hour- we were richly blessed with yummy burritos and a drink of Horchata! Bruce was out running with Ramona. They got the same thing when they were done.
And we didn't just watch TV sports. We ran over to see Sara play in the Finals of "Battle at the 'Bridge". It went into overtime, but they won in the end! When we left Owen said "Well, that was a dramatic night!"

Oh, I ran in Ladiesfest on the weekend, too. But that's another post. My thoughts about what to say about it are still percolating. Saying "It was a great day." just doesn't do it justice.

Monday, June 4, 2012

We lead such exciting lives!

The pictures are not in order, but when you lead such exciting lives as the Stew Crew, you can forgive such minor details! I hope anyone who reads this can hear my sarcasm :)
 Saw this sign as we left the hospital on Saturday. We have another new nephew! He's awesome and his mom is a rockstar!! Welcome to the family, baby.
 We LOVE ice cream. It's a terrible addiction....terribly delicious, that is! Bruce and I chose safe blends of cheesecake with strawberries and white chocolate with strawberries. Owen's usual (yes, we have it often enough that we all have our "usual" fare) is birthday cake with gummy bears, but Saturday he ordered strawberry with Nerds. But Dean...he's the X Factor, the Connoisseur of the cream, the blender of bold flavours... He really reminds me of Remy (aka Little Chef) from Ratatouille. He had key lime with blueberries. Now, that may not sound entirely daring, but I just love how Dean tries all kinds of flavours. I don't think he's ever had the same kind twice. I think he'll be a chef... or a pilot (he's also very methodical!)
 Ever wanted to get outta Dodge (or wherever you live), but you knew you couldn't? This was my boys way of getting me to Montana! We had a fun Friday night date, until a little boy pulled the fire alarm! Even then, it was a bit humorous.
How lucky am I to have these handsome boys in my life?! They love athletic wear. A few years ago, Bruce read the book "Sneaker Wars" about the Dassler brothers and their EPIC, HUGE family rift as they started rival shoe companies, PUMA and ADIDAS. These 2 know they can wear the clothes, but they better not fight or they'll have one angry momma to deal with!

We also played basketball at the Church gym and perused Chapters. I saw this mantra. I love it.

The local landmark got a new facelift. Snapped this on Sunday morning. It's for someone named Lynz, but I think they'd share it with our Roxy.