Sunday, October 4, 2009

random shots

Some quick pics of what we've been up to lately...

at the end of a chilly, but dry, Run for the Pumpkin, Owen's triple threat "Sty in his eye, bloody nose, and scab from a bike fall", making strawberry jam, our little Ronin (ok, he's not REALLY ours, but...), Bruce modelling his new cycling shirt and Dean loving one of the sponsors, eating the bounteous harvest that is around (Taber corn was SO good, fresh potatoes and beets,too), putting our best foot forward after the Melissa's roadrace.
We've also been making salsa, swimming, practicing piano, eating salsa, coaching runners, laughing, studying, babysitting, getting massages, working...
life is good.
*to see the collage in larger than life format (if you dare), just double click anywhere on the image.
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