Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the weather outside is....

Well, here's what's up with us:
-it was bad, but we've actually all enjoyed the day
Ironically, our church is sponsoring an emergency preparedness class tomorrow night at the Fairmont Church from 7-9pm. Anyone is welcome to attend.

PS- yes, the boys wore pink today. here's the proof

Monday, April 12, 2010

the power of pink

Our school is participating in this on Wednesday. I just wanted to spread the word...

Pink Shirt Day

In September 2007 a new student attended his first day of classes at a rural high-school in Nova Scotia, wearing a pink polo shirt. A group of older students recognized as the school bullies went to work on the young man. He was physically and verbally abused. Two Grade 12 students, David Shepherd and Travis Price witnessed the bullying and took offence on behalf of that younger student. These boys using a little money and social networking created a miracle. Hundreds of students showed up at school the next day wearing their own pink clothes, some head to toe. When the bullied student, who has never been identified, walked into the school he was greeted by a “sea of pink.”

Since that time the movement has gained momentum. On April 14th many Canadians, young and old, will be wearing pink to send a loud non-confrontational message of resistance to the bullies among us. By wearing pink on Wednesday April 14th, you will identify yourself to victims as a source of support and draw attention to the effects of bullying.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

own the podium

Bruce, Dean and Owen had a great run on the weekend. It was the 10-4 (miles) roadrace, a fundraiser for the local college XC team (that's why we had to enter). Here's how it went:
Owen and Dean were 1st and 3rd in their age category and Bruce was second in his.

I'm so proud of them.

The sweet taste of victory.
As they says "You're only as good as your last run, and we rocked that one!" You rock, boys!!