Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring, where are you?

Sunday after church I asked the boys to do their job. They have shovelled for some neighbours all winter long...and they're still at it. That's right. Mother Nature is playing with us, that's for sure. They got all dressed in their winter garb- it wasn't that cold, and I wondered why- but then they went out the door. They seemed to be out there f o r e v e r. Went to check that they were still alive and this is what I found:

These two love being outdoors and being together. They made a bunch of little minion snowmen, too. So cute.
Sometimes I wonder if they even need me. But who would make the hot chocolate? or do the laundry?
Funny sidenote:
That isn't even our yard. They had to build in one of the neighbour's because they used all our snow to make a jump in our yard the other day.
If April showers bring May flowers what do April snowstorms bring? ...besides snow?!?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

deja vu

Happy Anniversary, Alberta!
It has been one year ago exactly since i wrote about this. Well, it happened again!
Global warming really?!? I know "they" call it climate change now. I call all this ridiculous.
As the snow started dropping like pound cake from the sky, I thought to myself, "Could it be the beginning of Snow Day 2011?" Unlike last year, we have power -much to the chagrin of the boys- and there is school. Check out the pictures I took after my run. That's right...4 crazy girls showed up to run in this! It was tricky in spots, but beautiful. We saw toppled over trees, said "good morning" to several shovellers and even helped push a car along its way.

Thick, wet heavy snow: perfect for snowmen and snowballs. I may have to keep the boys home.

Ironic side note: Bruce just made the comment that the state of California has more hockey teams in the playoffs than our entire country. Ouch.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Head Smashed In

If you are not familiar with this place, then the title of this post may sound scary. FYI: No one was injured in the making of this post.

Perhaps if you have taken grade 4 or 5 social studies you would enjoy this place: Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump. Unless you didn't like Canadian history, which I totally understand. (I am trying to endure it better the second time around)
I was lucky enough to go with the boy's Cub group this past weekend. We had our own tour guides. Stan and Little Leaf were great and sure taught us ALOT. The picture above shows several items made from buffalo- the primary source of everything for the natives from these parts -and by these parts, I mean the Plains region of Canada from 11,000 years ago to as recent as 200 years ago.
Don't I sound like a socials textbook?