Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We're expecting

...made you look, didn't I?!
(I hope Bruce doesn't faint when he sees this)
We're expecting Fit Physiotherapy to be a big success! The clinic opened Mon Dec 6. There's still some to be done (anxiously awaiting some equipment, etc) and kinks to be worked out. But a few bumps in the road won't deter Bruce and the staff. We're excited about this new venture. If your a local, you may see an ad in tomorrow's paper.
Tell all your friends, family, neighbours, pets...
I am even thinking about getting the clinic a facebook page!?! Those who really know me are laughing hysterically right now as I am SOOOO not technologically gifted. But if my dad's on it maybe there's hope for me too.

Friday, December 3, 2010

our pre-Christmas gift

Sadly, another post without pictures as we forgot the camera...
On Monday Nov 22 it was FREEZING cold in the Great White North (here) and the lesser known, not- so- great White North (Great Falls, Mt). We had a decision to make: Go through with our plans to travel and see this man in concert or not. We braved the poor driving conditions and travel advisories and did it! Just me and the kiddos. We had a great time. As soon as we got to town we shopped thisfast and gathered up some truly American treats (read: candy, yogurt and Bath/Bodyworks). Ochi said he only wanted to come if we could go to Target. A boy after my own heart. Dean "loved it all", my boy of few (but sincere) words! The concert was held in a charming reno'd theatre. We were not a very interactive crowd, but everyone there had a great time.
Some of the songs he played were this, this and of course this ...we have TONS more new faves. Ask the boys. We're liking North Pole Express right now....'tis the season!
3 Concert Tickets= $22
4 New CDs= $40
Dinner, shopping, hotel, gas,more shopping=more than I'll admit!
Spending Time with my boys (doing something cultural that WASN'T a sporting event)=priceless
I can't wait to do it again. Maybe next time Bru can come.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

do you see what I see?

That's right...it's a post from us! Not really, it's just a psych out as I am really busy (just as all of you are, I'm sure). I can't wait to sit at the computer and blog a bit, but not tonight. But for any of you who check this out and are bummed out by this total slack blogger, check out this site for the month of December. It looks nice and meaningful...2 things I obviously need, but don't have time for right now!!