Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts...and I have many

Last night was the Little Souls Kids Marathon and Fit Physio 5K Family Fun Run. The announcer, Erin, was awesome, calling out almost every single name (350 competitors) and saying that sweet sponsor alliteration as often as she could!
We didn't run this year. Owen decided that he wouldn't do Marathon club. That was tough for me to digest. "We've always done it, though." I thought, "He'll change his mind." But, he never did. He didn't bow to peer pressure (albeit, positive) nor parent pressure. For good or bad, but mostly good, once Owen makes up his mind, that is it
We went last night, well, because that's what this Crew does. As we drove away, I asked Owen if he was sad he didn't run. His response was priceless. He said "No Mom. I was just glad I could be there to cheer my friends on."
And I thought that was a good lesson for me. Sometimes you get to be the do-er and sometimes you get to be the cheer-er. And life is always better with friends!
Owen knows who he is. And I couldn't be happier with that.

Dean also taught me a lesson last week. At school they were starting a lunch hour soccer league. He loves the sport, and decided that he wasn't going to wait around for someone to ask (or not ask) him to be on a team. So, he's captain of the "The's", although the name was not his decision,  with 7 of his classmates. I am impressed that knew what he wanted and went after it. It reminded me that though he may possess quiet mannerisms, he's preparing to take on anything that comes his way.  

This is a picture of Owen trying out for the Summer Games late last night. I spoke to the coach around 9:30pm, who said he needed to see Owen's skills. So I got off the phone and yelled, "Take off your pyjamas and put on your soccer gear!" Dean came, too, to help him run some drills. We'll see if he makes the team or not.

 I did not want to make dinner last night, but had no problem making this lovely treat. Can you say chocolate addict? It is 1. from a mix and 2. gluten free. Not too shabby, but I think I am a fan of gluten. They don't hold a candle to my Grandma Dean's brownies.

 This is a really funny book that I got from the library a few weeks ago. Sadly, I never got through the entire book, but it is here to remind me to renew it when I have a bit more free time.  I can tell it will be the perfect summertime read: frivilous and funny.

But this has to be the most surprising moment of the week.
It reads " Gone for a quick run back by 7am How was yours?"
Bruce. Ran. In the Morning ???
He does a ton in a day (sometimes, WAY more than me, but let's keep that a secret), but maybe he didn't want to feel like this guy today: 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week in Review

Just a quick recap of the comings and goings of the Crew:

 Been driving by this local "national heritage site"for a few weeks now. Love the latest artistic work!
 That's right. Last weekend in May and there was S-N-O-W on the ground. Welcome to Canada ;)
 Dean and Bruce's triumphant return from Scout Camp! The overnight portion has been cancelled the past 3 years in a row due to rain, but this year the sun prevailed! They had a great time.
 So it was just me and Owen on Friday night. We stayed in and created our own Marble Slab creamery. Owen's mixins were fruit snacks and blackberries on neopolitan.
 Just love this quote.
The boys doing the  "Hey, hey, we're the Monkees" pose. They did it up and down the hall as the girls watched and giggled.
Another quote that I've been thinking a ton about ever since I became reacquainted with it. It was in the kitchen of Bruce's aunt and uncle who are on a Church mission in India right now. Bonus points for whoever finds out who said it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the lucky winner...

I'm not a better.
That's supposed to read like wage maker, lottery hopeful or money throw-awayer.
But each morning a local radio show gives away tickets to the Movie Mill (the awesome discount theater in town) if you answer their "skill testing" question.
I am queen of pop culture and useless information, which is sometimes the same.
So at 8:15 as I am dropping off Owen or am puttering around home we listen and call in. We have won plenty of times this past year. We just picked up 4 tickets that we won a few weeks ago. Around Christmas, when I was getting Dean to school very late, there was one week when he, Owen and I all won! We have so many tickets we can take the entire Duggar family.
I won again this morning.
Owen clapped when I told him.
I may not ever win a foot race, or sew something that takes the grand prize, but this'll have to do.
Anyone up for a show?