Wednesday, January 27, 2010

in a rut

okay fellow bloggers, I can tell from the lack of new posts that either:
1. we all have such amazing busy lives and no time to post about them (in all honesty, I believe this is the answer) or...
2. we all have the winter blahs...
I have been thinking about why I can't think of anything profound or witty to write about. (Because I know that if you want a profound or witty read you all flock to hear what I have to say! haha)
For Christmas, we got the neatest little gift from a dear aunt and uncle. It is a little tile with vinyl lettering. It asks us, "What have you done for someone today?" So each night, before the boys hit the hay, we ask this question and get to hear all the great responses. We try to make it an "out of the ordinary" action. Sometimes, it's just good enough to hear (fill in the name of one of my boys) say "I was nice to (fill in opposite boy's name)"
It's a good reminder that while I know I can't fix all the world's troubles, I can do something for someone.

Monday, January 18, 2010

the olympics came to town

Last night we saw the Olympic torch come to town. It was pretty cool to think that that flame came from Athens and has travelled across our massive country. Scandals or not, we love watching the Games and cheering on all the athletes, especially the Canadians and the underdogs (which in most events they are one in the same)! Go Canada!!
FYI, the Games run from Feb 12-28 in Whistler BC.