Saturday, March 31, 2012

March: Lion or Lamb

The last day of March was a beauty here...and that's no early April Fool's Day joke! Pictures are in no order, but here's what we've been up to these past few days:

 Half the town was at the lake for a run, cycle, or rollerblade. We chose to walk and kick a soccer ball around. Apparently, we are multi-taskers.  The playground was packed. I love the sound of fun and laughter being had by little ones. I told the boys stories of when they were my littles.
 Och and Dean have been playing ball.
 It was our first official BBQ. Sometimes you just can't beat a grilled hotdog dinner!
 The boys let me cut their hair. In exchange for them being generally pleasing customers they earned a cone. (It's still cheaper than a real stylist)
 I got surprised with a colourful bouquet for our anniversary. Later we had a delicious meal at Miro Bistro.
 The world was here. Owen and I did see Team Russia in The Bay and I REALLY tried to get him to get his picture with them, but no deal. The boys saw Team Sweden (Silver medalists) walking down one of the greenstrips. There's a picture at Bruce's clinic of Team China. It was a super event.
Och sprained his toe playing soccer. Surprise, surprise.
Then later in the week he hurt the Right one. (no picture, but looked about the same).

Other memorable moments:
Saw Raymond Theatre's production of The Sound of Music with my parents and Great Uncle Tom.
Watched The Hunger Games last night with friends
My sister had her beautiful baby boy
Visited with 2 sis-in-law and their darling girls
Dean babysat other people's children
Found some treasures at the new Real Deal store in town
Taught Dean how to wash a car
The boys watched Johnny English and Hop
Celebrated Grandpa Stewart's 92nd B-day
Dean was the only one to predict a Kentucky/Kansas NCAA showdown

Spring is spring-ing around these parts. I'm lovin' it.
But is it too early to wish school was done?

Monday, March 26, 2012

What did you do today?

I got to cuddle this sweet one.

Mondays don't get better than that!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

circus of the sun

This blog has a very small number of followers. Albeit, you are loyal and very forgiving of my shortcomings as a blogger.
Be shocked. Be amazed- 2 posts in a week!!!

I just had to shout from the rooftop that CIRQUE DU SOLEIL is coming to town!
This town.
Not some big city. I don't have to fly to Vegas. I don't have to drive to Calgary. Heck, I could even walk to the venue!!
Events like this rarely happen in our small town.
Hence, my astonishment.

Translation: We are going.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week in Review

With some pictures, even!
I am so impressed as I rarely take pictures (that is something I really need to get better at!)
I also need to get better at posting the ones I do take, but I always forget which order to upload them in.

 March is Madness at our house. I am inundated with score updates constantly. Game times have changed our routine somewhat, as well. Nighttime now goes: Brush teeth, read scriptures, family prayer, bracket review and bedtime. (Bruce's bracket just got busted big time! Go Kentucky!!)

Got this dice game a few weeks ago. Opened it the other night and we're hooked. Mindless quality family fun.
 Friday I did not want to cook. I need to take lessons or something, because we only seem to eat the same 5 meals. I ran with that feeling and instituted Culture Night. Took the boys for Vietnamese. So yummy. Even Ocho (who only ordered a bowl of rice) enjoyed a sampling off of everyone's plates.
DQ Blizzards for dessert followed by watching B'Ball and Soul Surfer at home.

 Post race picture of the 25th annual Moonlight Run. That was Mar 11. So glad is was not last night as it was snowy/icy. What a beautiful night!! I ran with Dean and Bru ran with Och.
Pre race psych up:  iTunes thumping, striking a pose.

What a great week :)