Sunday, August 29, 2010

August Mourn

I have a friend that loves Neil Diamond. Every day for the month of September, she plays his song September Morn while her kids get ready for school. Well, tomorrow is the first day of school,but's not September. Now, some of you may say "My kids started last week. " To that I say that would be fine if we got out the beginning of June.
But, we didn't.

It was June 28

11:50am, to be exact.

And, to global warming I say : Where were you this summer? I really needed you in those rainy months. The dog days of summer never came. I never got tired of the heat, never yearned for the feel of a Fall sweater, never really thought "when does school start 'cause (fill in son's name here), you're driving me crazy".

And that is why tomorrow I will mourn.

Bye boys. It was fun while it lasted!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heritage Day

Monday was Heritage Day in Alberta- probably more commonly known as "the holiday in August"! Well, to celebrate we went to the Southern Alberta Ethnic Association event. There were display and craft booths from 20 or so ethnicities. Our favorite were the food booths, though. We ate Vietnamese wontons and fresh homemade perogies from the Polish Association. We should/could have been more adventuresome as there was Afghan, Sudanese and Filipino food as well as 12 other nationalities. For dessert we ate Keke (Tongan donuts) and mango lemonade from the Polynesian hut. It was a great day.
All that eating was followed by a long bike ride- had to burn it all off some how!