Thursday, May 19, 2011

let's get fat!!

I've blogged about her kindness once before, but I must add this new story.
I picked up the Ocho from school yesterday and asked him what he wanted to do. Dean had handbell choir and we had 45 minutes together. His response "let's go get fat". (he was HUNGRY!!) Went home and found nothing to tempt our tastebuds :(
We puttered around until it was time to get Dean. Upon our return home this tasty treat had found its way to our abode...and then to our tummies!
Does it get better than Oreo cheesecake?!?! You made Owen's wish come true. Thank you!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

why the smile on my face?

Simply because today is a BEAUTIFUL Spring day!
Big blue cloudless sky, sunshine beaming its warm rays on everything and just a hint of breeze.
I wore shorts for the first time this year. Gasp! Those ghostly white legs haven't seen the light of day for some time now. I also got my first mosquito bite of the season. Darn skeeters!
But, I wouldn't change a thing.
I hope the sun is shining on you, literally or figuratively, wherever you are!