Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last night I was talking to a friend and she reminded me that I had not blogged about a certain experience my family had this summer. Later, when I looked at my desktop where I keep pictures that I want to post I realize that I haven't posted about several things. So... here's a mix for your morning of 3 pictures that put a smile on my face.
My boys are growing up SO fast! Playing on the playground now is very different than it was a few years ago. Here they are posing in their fiercest warrior poses!

Something yummy! Warning- do not try to eat your computer screen. My lovely Mr always says if he was a baker he'd be 300 lbs (or is it 400??) Had he been in Portland with us this spring, I would have feared for his waistline. These donuts (and the shop they came from)were like nothing else.

After hanging at Cannon Beach for a day (remember the fish we ate that day?!-Why are some of my favourite memories wrapped in food!) I saw this license plate in the parking lot. I love its sentiment.

So faithful readers, today my wish/challenge for you (and me) is to give it a try and MN8 JOY. Feel free to leave a comment about how the day went... if your life was irrevocably altered in any way, pretty much stayed the same or anything in between...(Bruce has to give a talk in Church on Sunday on Gratitude-anything you write may be used!!)