Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Ochi

For the LOVE! I have been at this computer longer than I care to say and I CANNOT cut the double pic out of this post. So, the 3 of you who may see this, please cut me some slack. Yesterday at the boys school they held the monthly Recognition Assembly. By the end of the year each child will have been acknowledged for some kind of achievement- personal, academic, sport, service, etc. It's a neat opportunity. So, Owen's teacher called us on Tuesday to say he'd be recognized this month. We are so proud of him.

Here's a clip. Mr. Wilson, the principal, says what his teacher wrote on Owen's certificate ,"Owen is doing some amazing writing these days and he continues to be a tough one to fool with most math questions".
My certificate would read, "Amy has never used her camera to record anything (obviously), but she tries" (not entirely successful, but you all know me- I lack a technology gene!)

I'm signing out ...time to watch The Office.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Okay, last blog post of the night (even thought it's the first that anyone will read- can you change the order of your posts?) This is a terrible picture, I know. The shadows are all over the faces, i should have zoomed in...a photog I am not. But this made the blog because the ties that we got the boys for Christmas finally came...6 weeks late, but who's counting? (Perhaps they had to shear the sheep in Scotland) Needless to say, Dean and Owen were "knighted" into the Stewart clan with their very own Stewart tartan tie. Rather handsome, don't you think?
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more food shots

I realize that iIam posting these backwards (as you read this you ,too, will see what I mean).There's not much to do in Lethbridge except have fun with food, I guess. This night ,we made Arctic Twister Treats (a Christmas gift from another Stew Crew)

The boys were so happy to try this out
Add some vanilla ice cream and fresh blackberries...
Voila! Such a yummy treat
later we tried Reese's PB cups. You can't go wrong with either flavour.
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more whip cream fun

Gentlemen, choose your weapons
One good shot...
deserves another
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dinner party turned frat party

Ever had one of those nights that you just couldn't think of what to make for supper? It had been a long day at work and another -20C kind of day. So the boys suggested hot cocoa and pancakes

Things started off fairly normal...well, normal for us...

And then it turned into a scene from some "G rated, Phi Sigma Epsilon pledge week" movie! They say it's not a party until the whip cream comes out...and who better to educate the boys in the finer points of whip cream etiquette than their father!!

Here's a pic of supper...that's right, that's melted Toblerone! For one night only I was the coolest mom on the planet.
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Christmas joy,,,part2

The boys sure have had fun being creative with K'Nex. Check out this cool Ferris Wheel.
And now, thanks to the enterprise that is George Lucas this generation can spend hours playing Lego Star Wars. This picture shows the "old fashion" way. Thanks to Uncle G, Aunt Jess and Sophie, the "new" way of playing is with a Wii controller!
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Happy Holidays

DS got a DS!! Dean was thrilled to get a red DS Lite. He has been very nice to share it with Owen. They have had fun rockin' out on Guitar Hero. We have all had our brains "weighed" on Big Brain Academy. We'll just say that we can all become smarter this year!

Ochi (and Dean) love hockey. Last year, he cheered for Zetterberg and the Red Wings and they went on to win the Stanley Cup! That said, he is pretty fickle and changes his "favorite" team/sport weekly. The boys would be the first to tell you their favorite channel is TSN. I have even caught them watching the Championship Lumberjack Sawing Competition!! He was excited to get his jersey.

"What are those?" you may be asking.These round pancakes (ebleskievers) are a specialty at our home during the holidays.We had a nice little brunch on New Year's Day...fruit, bacon and ebleskievers topped with powdered sugar and your choice of syrup. If it sounds tasty make sure you stop by our house New Year's Day 2010!!
And what do you think we did while we ate our breakfast? Watched the Winter Classic, of course. Red Wing vs. Blackhawks outdoors at Wrigley Field! In a million years I never thought I would sit and watch a full hockey game and now...well, what else do you do when you are outnumbered 3 to1? Truth be told, it was great fun.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

missing: one family

It's Saturday and I am embarrassed to admit how many hours (yes, hours) I have just spent blog surfing. (Is that the correct term?) Holy cow, I never knew the fun I was missing peeping into others' lives! I found so many people from my past...what a nostalgic trip! So neat to see where people are located, their family life, etc. all from the comfort of my computer chair. A tad one-sided for me, though as I like to talk (if you think otherwise check out my monthly phone bill!)
I realize that my boys have not come looking for me. I guess they are contentedly playing Lego Star Wars (their fave Wii game du jour). I got a morning hug, but that is the last I've seen of them. I am beginning to wonder how long this could go on for...
Bruce and I just started reading "Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder" A qoute from a 4th grader says it all " I like to play indoors better 'cause that's where all the electrical outlets are"
I think it is time to UNPLUG and go have a snowball fight! Here's hoping that you have a great day doing something you love outdoors