Thursday, April 26, 2012

isn't it ironic...part 2

Outdoor soccer season has begun. This is Owen's soccer team.

This is the team he played- and beat- tonight...
Too funny.

Monday, April 23, 2012

isn't it ironic?

Today was gorgeous! 30 degrees Celcius
...but i just can't put these away.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's goin' on?

I love having my "new" phone.  As evident by this post, having a camera at all times more readily helps to document what's goin' on...

 Friday night date with SIL. The wings were great!
 We got them here (can you guess?) and watched this...
 as we waited.
My other "O man". He's getting so big! He's adorable and we are lucky to see him so often... and his siblings.
 We've been playing with lots of cousins this week. The weather has co operated to be outside even!
 A "2 for 1"? Dean lost 2 teeth on Wednesday. The Tooth Fairy gave him hockey cards. He was happy.
The bane of my Monday!! 
We went to Montana for 2 days for Spring Break. 
We did some shopping :)
I bought this hot pink top :)
They forgot to take the security tab off  :(
I went around to 6 different stores to see if this could be removed. Finally, Winners came through for me! Now it is actually wearable.

 Working on our  "together, but alone" time?
 Dean is taking part in a Readathon for MS.
 Easter egg hunt. Not a great shot, but just a reminder of the fun day we had!
We were so surprised to get a phone call from the bank telling us Owen had won the Easter basket giveaway. When we picked it up a lady in line said to another worker "I have my kids here today. Do they get anything?" Uncle G was there to present it to Ocho. We were half hoping to find money in the eggs, but there was only chocolate! (not a bad consolation!)
Went for a visit to play with the girls at the park and got a picture of 1/4 of R2E2!