Saturday, June 11, 2011

Miscommunication in Marriage

I have about 3-4 posts in my head waiting to get out and live on paper. I hope I write them soon because, in my head they are written in a witty and charming prose.
This may or may not be one of them.
Today was Ladiesfest and several family members and friends were running. Many of their family members came to cheer us on. Including my Bruce.
Picture it: Almost at the top of the last hill. I, in my weakened state, look ahead and see him. I'm plugging along (sadly, I was walking...but whatever, I still finished) and I'm waiting for him to say something inspiring.

Bru: "Ran out of batteries, eh"
Me: (incredulously) "Yeah..."

Seriously...did he just say that to me??? It's about the last 300m...not really what I was hoping to hear. The closer that I got to the finish line, the madder I became. It wasn't really a Bruce thing to say. What's up with that comment?
At the post race breakfast (which is always a tasty and entertaining time), I was still fuming and told my table of 9 others what he said.
Once I returned home I thought I'd let it die, but that would not be like me.

Me: "Why'd you say that to me?"
Bruce: (incredulously) "What?"
Me: "You said I ran out of batteries. That was at the end of the race and I really didn't want to/need to hear that."
Bruce: "I had the camera bag, if you noticed, but didn't take a picture of you because I ran out of batteries"